Saturday Geocache Porcupine Creek To Big Bar

We headed out Saturday morning late in the am. Normally a Victoria day long weekend should be cold and rainy but nothing has been normal about this year. Our first cache was the Porcupine creek trail rec site which is in the Gold Country Vol. 2 book and it turned out we were the first finders for this year. after removing a few dead tree branches and skirting several rocks we made our way easily to the rec site which is at least 5km. up the hill off the Jesmond road. The only thing I found photograph worthy was the creek but we are making plans to revisit the area later this year to follow the trail up above the treeline and hopefully find some more photo ops.

Porcupine Creek

We carried on after a late lunch where I got to test out my early Father's day present, a propane grill from Costco. Our next stop was Cougar Point which is also a Gold Country cache but having no cel. service here I was unaware of the EVR cache also located in the area which gives us another excuse to travel out this way. To say the views are breath taking is actually a vast understatement. The biggest challenge I find is locating the right spot to take a picture so none of the pictures I'm posting are actually taken at Cougar point or the geocache location. This valley is a must visit for anyone that is interested in landscape photography.