The Last Saturday in September.

Every photographer I know has a special kinship with fall. The leaves are changing colour and the nasty mosquitoes have gone to ground leaving amazing landscapes and cool breezes calling out for exploration. So we loaded the 4Runner with camera gear and lunch and headed for adventure. The forecast called for sunshine turning to rain late in the afternoon but that would be ample time to catch a few vistas. Princeton seemed like an interesting choice and since we will probably be chaperoning a basketball trip or two over that way this winter why not scout locations now. We stopped along Kidd lake for a picnic lunch just south of Aspen Grove and I took a couple of shots, one long exposure and another multiple exposure. In Princeton we were able to drive right down to the river and I did a couple multiple exposures as well as a shot at Bromley Rock. From there we headed east to catch the Hedley-Nickel Plate road past Apex Alpine and down to Penticton. The sunset seemed to last forever as we crested over the connector back towards Merritt and home.