Still Have Some Geocaches To Find

Now that the snow is starting to melt (knock on wood), it might be time to start thinking about doing a little geocaching. For anybody that might be interested in trying out geocaching in this area, a great place to start is by gettinghold of one or both of the Gold Country Geocache books. This is a fantastic way to get out and experience the southern interior. Geocaching leads you to places and views you may have passed by a million times and never stopped to check out. Having grown up in this region, I am constantly astonished by new discoveries every time we go out caching. One of my favorite areas to explore is around Lillooet and the panorama is taken from high above the Duffy lake road which is on the way to a breathtaking Gold Country cache. Happy Hunting.  

High above the Duffy Lake road, the mountain is called Northern peak on google earth.