Instagram posting

Over the past couple of years several people have said to me "you should be posting on Instagram". The latest person to mention it was my buddy Van Tsiclas ( Van is a wedding and sports photographer who uses Instagram a lot. Over the years I have heard many differing views about using Instagram and much of the hoopla is around it being a platform for smartphones and tablets. It seems to work fabulous if you are into smartphone photography but that's not my thing as my work is meant to be viewed on the largest possible screen you can find. I have decided to try the platform as a way of driving interest in my website. If you follow me on Instagram and notice my posts drop off it's probably because the metrics didn't work out but I'll give it a try.

The photo is a double oil paint of the Thompson river just downstream of Spences Bridge with the sun kissing Arthur Seat in the background.

Afternoon sun highlighting Arthur Seat above Spences Bridge BC.