New Look On The Website

So I've changed things up a bit just to freshen the look and I wanted to start doing more blog posts. This particular template has a cleaner blog look so I'm going to start directing facebook traffic here with all my photo posts. I hope you enjoy it.


With limited sunshine today I decided to head for the river and do a little long exposure.

The Spatsum pumphouse is hard to miss as you drive along the Thompson corridor between Ashcroft and Spences Bridge. It was built by the Lornex Mining Corporation in the early seventies to supply fresh water to the reservoir above the Lornex minesite. Due to the large amount of electricity required to start the pumps, BC Hydro had to be notified in order to avoid brown outs in the lower mainland whenever the pumphouse was fired up. After the mine became Highland Valley Copper and the start up of the Valley pit, the Spatsum pumphouse was shut down because fresh water needs were being fulfilled by pit dewatering. The pumphouse was retrofitted  with newer energy efficient electric motors and is now maintained as a back up water supply.